JBC Geomatics specializes in supporting AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) firms, offering unique construction progress hyperlapse videos, job site mapping, inspection, and special events for marketing. From breaking ground to final occupancy, JBC's construction and real estate development solutions can improve your project management efficiency and make your company stand out in a competitive market. Client testimonials speak for themselves.

Construction Progress Hyperlapse

Construction is a multifaceted industry; with so many moving parts, accurate and up-to-date information is vital for visual progress tracking of changes over time, which make sense to everyone. JBC provides scalable solutions to drone hyperlapse surveys; repeat videos (weekly/monthly) acquired at the precise geolocation are used to generate a moving time-lapse of the entire site as it's built. These progress videos provide an affordable and flexible solution to easily communicate progress with project teams, report to stakeholders, provide a permanent record to mitigate risk, and market the finished product to future clients.

Construction Mapping & Inspection

JBC specializes in high-resolution (up to 1/10-inch) aerial photo mapping, volumetrics, and infrastructure inspection. Offering 2D maps and accurate 3D data acquisition for design or inspection work in AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Google Earth, and others. Learn more about JBC's aerial mapping solutions.

Construction Events & Marketing

Show off your concrete pour, tilt up, crane operation, demolition, or other construction event to market your team from a unique perspective!

Home Builders

Get an early start on lot sales with a cinematic video (with music and/or narration) to market your new community and surrounding recreation and retail opportunities in a virtual tour of the surrounding area. Learn more about JBC's real estate solutions.